Equity and Social Change

Communities of Color Task Force

The Communities of Color Task Force (CCTF) provides an opportunity for advocacy programs and our community partners to organize around the specific concerns of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors from communities of color.

The Communities of Color Task Force is committed to:

  • Developing and distributing information that informs Oregon's domestic and sexual violence providers on best practices, current research, and cultural relevant and culturally specific services for communities of color.
  • Addressing the disparities faced by people of color as a means to violence prevention.
  • Supporting leadership within diverse communities.
  • Increasing access to services for survivors of color.
  • Addressing issues surrounding retention of survivors of colors that access services.
  • Community organizing and activism at the intersections of oppression

Aspiring White Allies Oregon

Allyship means listening to, believing, partnering with, and upholding the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. The purpose of this group is to provide processing space and accountability for people who are part of dominant groups (white people, men, straight people, cisgender people, able-bodied people, people with class privilege, Christian folks, US citizens, etc.) in our anti-oppression and dismantling racism efforts.

For information on meeting dates and membership guidelines, contact:
Choya Adkison-Stevens, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

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