Rural Advocate

Cottage Grove
The Rural Advocate works as part of the Rural Team and is responsible for coordinating support, advocacy and outreach services to survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) in rural areas of Cottage Grove and Creswell.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide support and advocacy to survivors in Cottage Grove, Creswell and surrounding areas in south and southwest Lane County
  • Provide resource information and referral to address the survivor’s needs
  • Coordinate with Womenspace program staff for additional support and services
  • Provide educational information and outreach in the form of networking with local individuals and organizations
  • Develop and sustain a local support group for survivors in Cottage Grove and Creswell
  • Attend community education training and community events
  • Provide informative community presentations about IPV and Womenspace services
  • Work closely with community partners to identify needs specific to rural populations
  • Ensure that local businesses and service organizations have current materials regarding Womenspace services in English and Spanish
  • Appropriately manage confidential information and paperwork
  • Other duties as assigned


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