How Trauma-Informed is Your Organization? Assessing and Improving Organizational Performance

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 12:00pm - 01:30pm PDT


  *   Kathleen Guarino, LMHC, Director of Training, National Center on Family Homelessness
  *   Victoria Bifano, Vice President of Human Resources, New England Center for Homeless Veterans
  *   Kristine DiNardo, Vice President of Clinical Services, New England Center for Homeless Veterans
  *   Dale Proulx, Clinical Manager, Veterans Inc.
  *   Katie Doherty, Director of Training and Education/Consultant Women's Program, Soldier On


  *   Josie Alleman, Strategic Initiatives Consultant, Social Solutions

Hear Kathleen Guarino translate trauma-informed care into tangible, concrete components organizations can incorporate as they strive to adopt a trauma-informed approach and improve outcomes for vulnerable children, adults and families.  Taking people’s experiences of trauma into account in service delivery, and creating the physical, psychological and emotional safety required to give them the opportunity to rebuild a sense of control and improve their lives, is an important but extensive process.

In this webinar, we review the Trauma-Informed Organizational Self-Assessment, featured on PerformWell, as one way to assess current performance and lay a foundation for improvement over time. Practitioners who have used the version designed for women veterans will describe their organizations’ approaches to transforming practices, policies and organizational culture, including successes and lessons learned. The speakers will discuss the benefits of becoming trauma-informed, how to use this curriculum to create change, next steps, and resources required.  A substantial amount of time will be dedicated to answering questions from the audience.

This event is appropriate for organizations working with populations – children, adults or families – that have experienced trauma in substantial numbers. The self-assessment featured was initially developed for agencies in the field of homelessness, but has been adapted for use with women veterans and displaced families and may be used by organizations in other fields.
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