Client Database Project

Several years ago, the Oregon Domestic & Sexual Violence Services (ODSVS) Advisory Council proposed that advocacy programs across Oregon adopt a uniform, statewide electronic data-management system. The advisors hoped to ease the burden of compiling grant reporting statistics for both DV/SA programs across the state and state grant monitors. We are pleased to announce that this dream of a more secure, efficient data collection system is moving steadily toward fruition. The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence and the Oregon Departments of Human Services and Justice are currently evaluating several software programs as potential candidates for the comprehensive electronic management of DV/SA client service data across the state. Our goal is to have this new system fully operational by Fall 2014.

UPDATE 12/1/2014: The Oregon Coalition has presented its findings and recommendations for a statewide client database, as contracted by Oregon DHS. The decision on whether to purchase and roll-out a database platform now hinges on securing a funding stream to cover ongoing maintenance and support expenses.



Please direct any inquiries regarding this project to Jonathan Gates, Social Media & Events Coordinator, (503) 230-1951.

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