Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and for 2013 we are excited to take a primary prevention angle with our campaign by promoting a healthy perspective on power.

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior exercised to maintain power and control over another. The concept of having power becomes distorted in a domestic violence relationship in which one person uses a variety of tactics to have complete power over their partner instead of sharing power with their partner.

To address this, let’s get to the heart of the issue. Join us in redefining our notions of power. You already take the lead in building and bridging communities, and you already stand as role models for healthy agencies and systems. Together we can demonstrate what power looks like in healthy relationships and create a culture where violence is not an acceptable means of obtaining personal power.

Advocacy programs throughout the state will receive our Domestic Violence Awareness Month campaign packet, which includes multilingual posters (Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and English), stickers, a media toolkit and templates for our DVAM social media photo campaign! Expect to see them in the mail very soon! These materials are also available for free download below.

Click here to download the DVAM toolkitDomestic Violence Awareness Month Campaign Packet [PDF]

We are also tracking Domestic Violence Awareness Month-related events going on across Oregon on our Calendar of Events. If you are planning a DVAM event and want it posted on our calendar, contact Jonathan Gates, Social Media & Events Coordinator.


Photo Campaign - Redefining Power

Inspired by campaigns like Who Needs Feminism?, we invite you to submit a picture of yourself* describing healthy power, which we will then compile and share over the course of the month. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate!


Submit your own photo!

STEP 1: Download & print out the template.
STEP 2: Write in what enacting healthy power means to you.
STEP 3: Take a digital photo of yourself1 with your written response (high-quality smartphone cameras, laptop webcams etc. work just fine).
STEP 4: Send your photo to us2, either as an email attachment to or via private message to the OCADSV Facebook page.

1. Any submissions deemed by OCADSV staff members to be illegible, inappropriate or abusive will not be posted. Submitting a photo denotes your consent for us to reasonably edit (e.g. crop, minor color adjustments as needed) and share your photo publicly via Facebook, Twitter and other means, at our discretion.

2. We are happy to post submitted photos anonymously, upon request. Please indicate in your message whether you want your name, organization and/or job title (or none of these) to be included in the caption alongside your photo.


Accessing Past Campaign Materials

Did you know that OCADSV member programs receive exclusive access to our private members-only website, which contains campaign materials used and distributed in years past (among many other useful features & benefits)? Learn more...


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Have questions? Want to get involved in our Domestic Violence Awareness Month campaign? Contact Natalia Amari, Program Coordinator for Underserved Communities.
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