Public Awareness

The Coalition staff is dedicated to increasing awareness, as well as supporting and educating the community statewide about issues of domestic and sexual violence.

Public awareness encompasses community education and outreach. The main purpose is:

  • To let the community know that domestic and sexual violence exist
  • To what extent they exist
  • How to recognize domestic and sexual violence
  • What services are available

Community education increases the community's awareness of the issue and how to address it effectively. Community education provides information to agencies or organizations about domestic and sexual violence, as well as resources and referral information for the purpose of working with someone who is experiencing violence.

The Coalition regularly develops statewide public awareness campaigns and supports initiatives. We work in conjunction with national domestic and sexual violence and stalking resource centers to coordinate state activities to be in alignment with and thus supported by what is happening nationally. These activities include:

The Coalition provides information and technical assistance to support programs' various public awareness activities. Examples include concerts, media campaigns, rallies/speak outs, Silent Witnesses, the Take Back the Night March, theater productions, video series, vigils, and more.

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