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To locate shelter and other advocacy services, click your Oregon county on the list or map below.


Map outlining the counties of Oregon


*The links above separate programs by their physical location. However, many Portland-area programs serve clients throughout the Greater Portland Metro Area, which is comprised of Multnomah County and parts of Clackamas and Washington Counties. To view all these programs in one list, click here.


  If you are in danger or need emergency assistance,


  If you think your computer activities are being monitored, it might be safer to use a computer in a public library, at a Community Technology Center (CTC), at a trusted friend's house, or an Internet Café. Learn more about technology safety...


The Oregon Coalition staff makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information listed here is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, we do not directly oversee or manage the organizations listed here. Thus, any information and services offered are subject to change.

Please report inaccuracies, omissions, wrong numbers, etc, to Jonathan Gates, Social Media & Events Coordinator at (503) 230-1951.

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