Chloe Massarello

Research and Publications Coordinator

A native of Portland, Oregon, Chloe grew up in a household dedicated to social justice work. From the Portland PTA Clothes Closet to William Temple House to the YWCA of Greater Portland's Yolanda House, she has volunteered and worked in a wide variety of settings. Born with a love of history and people's stories, Chloe pursued a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in history at Portland State University, graduating with the latter in spring 2012.

As research & publications coordinator, Chloe is responsible for developing the Coalition's research and data collection projects. She produces the Coalition's annual domestic violence fatality report, monthly e-newsletter, and subject reports, provides editorial guidance on projects, and serves on the Oregon Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team. In addition, Chloe is excited to be researching the Coalition's history, in hopes of ensuring that the work of the past (including that of our members) is preserved and available to inform the work of the present.


Offering Technical Assistance (TA) and training on:

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