2013 DV Fatality Report Now Available

The 2013 edition of Oregon's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Report is now available for viewing. This report includes a wide variety of incidents that take place in the context of a family or household. We track incidents involving roommates, care providers, people related by blood or marriage including extended family, current and former intimate partners, the extended family of current and former intimate partners, and cases of prostitution (covered under the term intimate partner).

Fatal Domestic Violence in Oregon: Demographics Related to Victims, Perpetrators, and Incidents (pdf)

Oregon Coalition History Project

Join us in documenting the rich history of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence! The Coalition’s history is your story and the story of social justice activism in communities across the state. For that reason, we are conducting oral history interviews and collecting memories from people who have made the work of the Coalition possible from its origins in the 1970s through the present.

Are you:

  • A past Coalition staff or board member?
  • A past or current DV/SA program advocate?
  • A community member or Coalition partner who has witnessed or been involved in the Coalition’s work?
As the backbone of the grassroots social justice movement, your story deserves to become part of the historical record. If you're interested in taking part, please contact historian Chloe Massarello.
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